Market Research

Market research includes gathering, and more importantly synthesizing and interpreting, data that relates to your product, competitors, target customers, emerging technologies, market conditions, social impressions and needs, problems facing the market, potential solutions to those problems, and technology trends. Our comprehensive market research and industry experience allows our to create and analyze analytics and implement data-driven metrics to quantitatively measure the impact of changes in strategy. To meet our client needs, re-grate-it, inc. focuses on accurate and thorough targeted information as integral to a successful, cost effective marketing plan.

Messaging and Branding

Effective messaging and branding differentiates you from your competitors, is simple yet compelling, resonates with your target audience, and is accurate. It is imperative to determine what is important to your target customer, identify how your product creates value, look to future markets and growth. Our re-grate-it, inc. approach targets these key parameters so that your marketing is relevant today and in emerging markets tomorrow.

Product Positioning

Product positioning includes presenting the product in the best light to different target markets and identifying the appropriate market niche. It is an important element of an effective marketing plan in determining how best to communicate the product attributes to the target audience based on customer needs and competitive alternatives. This allows selection of specific marketing tools to communicate a directed message that resonates with that targeted consumer.

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement measures include number of pages per session, session duration, bounce rate, unique visitors, shares, scroll positions, tracking visitors/users, attendees for events/webinars, click-through rate, for example. Our marketing team utilizes any number of strategies to measure engagement with quantifiable metrics and opportunities for direct consumer feedback including surveys and interactive webinars.