Content Creation

There is a wealth of information readily available to consumers. The key is generating content that connects with your target audience in a precise, meaningful way that results in product sales, creates an ongoing relationship, generates new business, appropriately brands the product and company, and perpetuates consistent and relevant messaging. Content creation is one of the many services re-grate-it, inc. provides to clients as part of a comprehensive, cost effective marketing plan.

Digital Marketing

One of the many services re-grate-it, inc. provides for our clients is digital marketing. Digital marketing is marketing of products or services to a defined customer base using digital channels, including online and offline sources such as search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, email, radio, television, phone, and enhanced offline marketing sources. Digital marketing allows companies access to large markets at a relatively low cost and, with targeted marketing, is an effective and measurable tool. Additionally, digital marketing caters to today’s mobile consumer, facilitating communication with a specific, defined, narrow or broad audience, at low cost with easily quantifiable, meaningful metrics. The focus at re-grate-it, inc. is to maximize your return on investment, provide meaningful customer interactions, to create high conversion and retention rates.

Video Production

One of many services re-grate-it, inc offers clients is video production ranging from editing existing video presentations to creating animated videos to feature or explain a technical product feature. An effective and innovative way to tell the story behind your company, describe the features of products, review the technology behind an innovation, and explain the benefits of your company and products is through engaging videos. Videos provide an opportunity to mix static, data-driven graphs and characters engaging the product and solving industry problems. Technical storyboards, professional voiceovers, music, and colorful animation are combined to create short videos for use on social media, websites, at trade shows, as part of presentations, and YouTube channels to engage your customers.

Website Development

Our website development ranges from creating content, utilizing or creating graphic design and images, creating programs and applications including custom code, site layout, features, integration of social media, analytics, and webpage functions. Services include search engine optimization, mobile device optimization, performance optimization, and integrating your website with marketing automation systems such as Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, HubSpot, AWeber, GetResponse, ConstantContact, and MailChimp. Website development is one of the many services re-grate-it provides its clients as part of a strategic, cost-effective, meaningful marketing campaign and ongoing marketing approach.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a visual representation of your messaging and branding using both text and imaging. Our services at re-grate-it, inc include visual content for website design, layout, banners, displays, brochures, video production, logos, graphics, tables, newsletters, packaging, among others.

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